“Tania really helped me when I first started my business.

Tania is knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and enthusiastic. She gets on with the job of balancing the books.

I wholeheartedly recommend her bookkeeping”


Luke Featherston, Founder and Owner, Featherston Design



“I want to thank Tania for  her amazing support and care. It is so rare to get someone who is happy to teach people what to do. 

She recognised up front my need to learn and understand (and trusted me , which is more than I can say for myself) and  really helped me to take ownership of my numbers .

Thanks, Tania,  for supporting my and our business needs, you have so positively added to my business… I think you are wonderful!”


Eva Yencken, Owner, Gallery Frey

“…I know Tania is a strong and dedicated person who can take on even the most challenging projects and see them through to completion with pride. I know Tania to be precise, and anyone would likely find it difficult to get a mistake past her .

The best finance people will not have their goals set lower than perfection and this includes Tania. It was a pleasure to work with Tania, a goal oriented and diligent professional. 

When you are in the market looking for people with certain skills, you are also looking for someone who would be a good fit in your business. I am sure Tania is the type of person that will do well in a new environment quickly, bringing her own identity and creativity, as well as adapting and learning new things where necessary to add to your team’s success.

If you want a winning team, you would do very well to have Tania on-board”


Stephen Madden, CTO, AsiaFootPrint



“When I was looking for accounting assistance for our branch in Australia, I assumed it would very difficult to keep good communication due to the head office being in Hong Kong. When I hired Tania from KOVA Accounting, distance was not an issue. I had all the help and information I needed online and on the phone.

Her knowledge and mastery of the MYOB system was exceptional.

If you’re looking for first-rate and affordable bookkeeping services, look to KOVA Accounting. And don’t worry if they’re not next door, because as I found out, the right choice may be hundreds of miles away.”


Salex Ho, CFO, Murchison Holdings Ltd